Steel aluminum composite contact rail system
  • Steel aluminum composite contact rail system
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Steel aluminum composite contact rail system


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System introduction

       Steel/aluminum conductor rail , namely, third rail systems, transmit electric energy to electric traction vehicles through collector shoe. Contact rail is usually installed brackets outside rail vehicle limit rigidly and no deflection. According to collector shoe different current flow ways from the contact rail, contact rail installation way can be divided into three ways : upper contact, lower contact and side contact. 
       Steel/aluminum conductor rail system has many features and advantages including good conductive performance, big current carrying capacity, light weight, easy installation, anti-corrosion, good wearproof ability and long service life. Using Steel/aluminum conductor rail equipment system decrease work content of design, installation and operation maintenance greatly, It has remarkable economic and social benefits. 
       Baoji Line Parts Co., Ltd. of China Railway Electrification Bureau Group, thorough research of steel/aluminum contact rail and insulating brackets system, system absorb international new technology and raw materials, manufacturing process, test methods; Through the design optimization parts structure, computer simulation analysis, theoretical calculation, process test, and other means, develop reasonable structure, advanced technology, high various technical performance, low cost of steel/aluminum contact rail and auxiliary parts, realize nationalization.

System structure

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