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About Us
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Hebond Railway is a professional manufacturer of railway locomotive accessories, with decades of professional production history. 

Most of our products are used for the Chinese locomotives,  including CK1E,CK1F,CK5,CK5A,CK5B,CK6,CK6E,CKD0,CKD4A,CKD4B,CKD5,CKD4C,CKD6,CKD6D,CKD6E,CKD7,CKD7C,CKD7B,CKD7F,CKD8A,CKD8C,CKD8D,CKD8E,CKD9,CKD9A,CKD9B,CKD9C,CDK6E,DF4D,DF7C,DF7G,DF8BI,DF10FI,DF10DDB,DFH1,DFH2,DFH3,DFH4,DFH5,GKD5,JMYsystems,SDD1,SDD2,SDD3,SDD4,SDD5,SDD6,SDD7,S9,S10 and so on. 

We are a designated supplier by the China Ministry of Railway, and through our hard work, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our production, design and testing processes are in strict accordance with the national standards of Chinese Ministry of Railway.
We help you to select the best products for the specific application by offering you our extensive knowledge and experience. We are committed to your success and it is important for us that you find the right solution for just your system.
By having control of the whole value chain; design, production, sales, contract management and logistics, we can guarantee that the products we supply are premium-quality.
We know that every spare part is an important part of locomotive operation, and we want you be able to rely on the performance and durability every single day – both under normal working conditions and in emergencies.
Our commitment does not end when we complete the order. We also provide you with access to a unique and personal online archive of certificates and test results. The documentation for your specific order is available the same day that your shipment leaves the warehouse.
By being curious and courageous we continuously develop our products, processes and ourselves. With knowledge, availability, responsiveness and by simply being nice to do business with, we exceed our customers’ expectations. Hedele Railway is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of world class locomotive solutions. This is our vision.
Our mission is to add value to the global railway industry customers with high expectations through the production and provision of high-quality locomotive accessories and other solutions.
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