ZTP-63A 27.5KW260V3500R
  •  ZTP-63A 27.5KW260V3500R
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ZTP-63A 27.5KW260V3500R


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ZTP series railway DC motor motor introduction
    1. ZTP type DC auxiliary motor, dedicated to diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, hydraulic pumps, blowers, air compressors, auxiliary generators, tachogenerators and other auxiliary mechanical motors.
    2. This series of sima motors should be able to meet the general technical conditions of DC-assisted motors for railway locomotives, OXD.515.010-2001 or other special technical conditions.
The motor can withstand the shock and vibration generated by the normal operation of the locomotive, and the motor runs normally when rain, snow, wind and sand are attacked. Suitable for ambient temperature of -40 ° C ~ +45 ° C; altitude does not exceed 1200 m. More than 1200m to 4000m see the technical conditions.

ZTP series railway DC motor model description
1.ZTP-62K: "Z" means DC motor, "T" means railway transportation, "P" means supporting special, "62" means frame number, and "K" means difference code.
2. ZBT—Model indicates the DC enclosed railway supporting motor.

ZTP-110.41105.351500 and 68S130 diesel locomotive, fuel pump motor
0.89.963000 and 73S1 electric locomotive, pressure regulating switch with servo motor
0.89.962800 and 73S1
ZTP-120.61107.681500, his 110V71S135 diesel locomotive, fuel pump motor
0.678.510.81500 and 70.8S1
0.678.57.643000 his 78.5V70.8S1 diesel locomotive, tachogenerator
0.67511.41450 his 110V70.2S1 diesel locomotive, fuel pump motor
0.62202.731500 his 8.5A***S1 generator
0.81109.322000 he 110V78S1
1.19614.883000 and 77S1
1.111012.93000 and 77.5S1 diesel locomotive, ventilator motor
0.61107.273000 and 75S1 diesel locomotive, fuel pump motor
ZBT-121.311015.43000 and 76.7S1 diesel locomotive, ventilator motor
ZTP-12D0.51106.21400 his 110V73.3S1 electric locomotive
ZTP-211.311511.33300 his 60V***S150 diesel locomotive, tachogenerator
1.311511.33300 his 10V***S1
ZTP-221.1110131500 and 76.9S155
1.16522.51500 string 75.2S1
1.14830.51500 and 75.1S1 diesel locomotive, dining car freezer motor
2.211024.73000 and 81S1
2.29628.33000 and 80.9S1
1.1110131500 complex 76.9S1
ZTP-22B111012.21245 and ***S1 diesel locomotive, fuel pump motor
1.618.61800 and ***S1
2.224.52450 and ***S1
ZTP-22Z1.811020.32200 complex 80.6S1
ZTP-310.41103.641000 his 8.5A***S167 generator
2.211025.22000 and 79.4S1
1.124623000 and 73.9S1 test bench
ZTP-320.71108.481000 for his 110V75S179 test bench
ZTP-414.59657.82200 and 81S185 diesel locomotive, oil pump motor
4.575742200 and 81S1
ZTP-421.24834900 and 73.5S1100
ZTP-52678.593.51250 and 81.7S1156 diesel locomotive, oil pump motor
7.578.51151500 and 83S1
ZTP-62G131101391500 and 85S1200 diesel locomotive, air motor
ZTP-61L1122058.22000 string 85.9S1140 electric locomotive, fan motor
ZTP-62K9741481000 string 82.1S4 (60%) 200 diesel locomotive, air compressor motor
978.51391000 string 82.4S4 (40%)
131101391500 string 85S1
ZTP-62K110.478.51651200 and 80.2S1200
ZTP-62K218.51102101500 string 80S4 (50%) 200
ZTP-63K241102643000 string 82.6S4 (40%) 235
ZTP-64K241102543000 and 85.9S4 (40%)
ZTP-63K1261102782650 and 85S4 (40%) 240
261102782900 and 85S4 (40%)
261102782900 string 85S4 (40%)
ZTP-63D20110216.53000 string 84S4 (40%) 125
241102593000 string 84.2S4 (40%)
ZTP-62A22240107.83100 string ***S1155
ZTP-62A1222201153100 string ***S1155
ZTP-62L222201153000 string ***S1155
ZTP-63A27.52601253500 string ***S1155
ZTP-63B3026013635000 string ***S1155
ZTP-63B1242501153200 string ***S1155
ZTP-63L302601363500 string ***S1160
ZTP-63302601363500 string ***S2, 60min165
ZTP-82B13110145750 his 110V80S1430 diesel locomotive, vacuum pump motor

13110145700 his 108V80S1

ZTP-1~3、12D、22Z、ZTP-63K、ZTP-6 3K1、ZTP-63D;

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