Locomotive driver controller- S357 series driver controller
  • Locomotive driver controller- S357 series driver controller
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Locomotive driver controller- S357 series driver controller


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The S357 series driver controller is the main electric appliance used by the Harmony Series Electric Locomotive (HXD1) to control the operating conditions and driving speed of the locomotive.
The driver controller uses an encoder design. The mechanical input is used to rotate the encoder to adjust the command input to the electronic cabinet, thereby achieving the purpose of adjusting the traction and braking of the locomotive.
Product parameters
Contact type: S826 series quick switch
Encoder: 9-bit Gray encoder
Protection level: IP00
Pollution degree: PD3
Overvoltage level: OV3
Life expectancy: 2 million mechanical life, 200,000 electrical life
Weight: about 10Kg
Handle operating force: can be customized according to user requirements
Connector connection: the connector can be executed according to user requirements
Contact connection: 6.3mm insert

Applicable models: HXD1


◎ There are four kinds of operable mechanisms on the panel: key, speed setting handle, traction brake handle and direction handle.
◎ The traction brake handle is divided into three positions: “traction” zone, “0” position and “brake” zone.
◎ Speed setting handle multi-position setting, can be designed according to customer requirements
◎ Speed setting handle anti-misoperation design, need to rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise to push the handle
◎ Contains an encoder to make the transmission data more accurate
◎ Mechanical interlock between control and reversing handle
◎ Reversing handle can be pulled out as a key

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